October 2012

Colocation Provider Houston

Alpheus is the top colocation provider in Houston Alpheus provides the customized solution to all of your business network and colocation needs.  Let Alpheus protect the assets of your business with our secure, dependable colocation data centers. Alpheus Communications is the leading colocation provider in Houston.  We offer variety of options for space, power, and […]

Colo Services Houston

Alpheus is your large enterprise data center colo solution with state-of-the-art, redundant data centers in the Houston area.  Let Alpheus protect your assets with our dependable, resilient infrastructure. Best Colocation Services in Houston Information is the backbone of your business.  When it comes to protecting your business, Alpheus Colocation services provide superior, redundant data centers […]

Business VoIP Houston

Alpheus is the Leading Business VOIP Provider in Houston Stay ahead of the competition; let Alpheus replace your existing voice service with our Voice over IP package. If your business is looking for ways to streamline the management of voice and data services and  lower overhead cost, bundling your data and voice and taking advantage […]

Business Voice Services Houston

Alpheus Communications provides Business Voice Services in Houston Is your business using separate vendors for voice and data? Save time and money by bundling your voice, data, and internet services with Alpheus. Alpheus provides your business with the effective alternative to your existing voice services.  Here’s how – we can easily integrate your voice and […]

Ethernet Virtual Private Line Houston

Alpheus provides Houston with elite Ethernet Private Lines in Houston Designed for small businesses to large enterprises, Ethernet private line (E-Line) services provide effective metro Ethernet solutions.  Alpheus’ E-Line services offer a simple and affordable way to create high-bandwidth connections in multiple locations within the same city as well as networking for inter-city connection.  Our […]

Ethernet Transport Houston

Alpheus Communications provides Ethernet Transport in Houston Alpheus Communications offers innovative solutions for enterprise data transport through our private fiber-optic Ethernet service.  Alpheus offers Ethernet transport solutions over our high-speed, dedicated private line that is engineered to provide reliable connectivity between two or more locations within Houston and beyond.  Our innovative metro transport solutions extend […]

Ethernet Service Provider Houston

Alpheus is the Leading Ethernet Provider in Houston Our core fiber-optic network interconnects all major metropolis areas with redundancy, diversity, and security.  Our Metro Ethernet service can connect all your business locations quickly and easily. Alpheus Communications’ network is built to insure the reliability that your business needs when looking for an Ethernet service provider.   […]

Ethernet Private Line Solutions Houston

Alpheus offers Ethernet Private Line Solutions for Houston Alpheus’ Ethernet Private Line (E-Line) service offer a simple way to create high-bandwidth connections between multiple locations over our core fiber network. Whether creating a new connection or upgrading from an existing legacy TDM circuit, Ethernet private line services through Alpheus provides point-to-point virtual connections cost-effectively, with […]

Enterprise Network Services in Houston

Alpheus Communications provides Superior Enterprise Network Services for Houston As a business owner, you have to make plenty of daily decisions that directly impact your enterprise.  Let Alpheus make things easier with our dependable bandwidth and network services.  High-bandwidth and dependable network services are essential for every business, especially for data-intensive operations.  We built our […]

DS3 Houston

Alpheus Provides DS3 Service to Houston Businesses Alpheus can provide your enterprise with carrier-grade solutions with scalable bandwidth speeds ranging from T1 to DS3 to OC -192. When choosing a network for your enterprise, it is important to find a network that offers the scalability and flexibility that can satisfy the performance standard required by […]