December 2012

Private IP VPN Dallas

Private IP VPN Solutions from Alpheus for Dallas Businesses IP-VPN solutions allow businesses to consolidate business-critical communications onto a single, IP Wide Area Network (WAN). Quality of service is assured by prioritizing traffic over the network, which allocates bandwidth to your real time and latency-sensitive applications to protect against network congestion. Connect numerous locations with […]

PRI Service Dallas

PRI Services from Alpheus Communications in Dallas Alpheus business Class PRI (Primary Rate Interface) service is a voice solution that allows your business to attain very reliable and cost-effective communications, delivered over our scalable metro and regional fiber optic network. Alpheus’ PRI services support simultaneous voice calls using an industry standard primary rate interface. Alpheus’ […]

MPLS Service Provider Dallas

Alpheus provides Dallas Companies with Superior MPLS IP VPN Solutions If your business is looking to connect to numerous company locations with privacy and simplicity, the seamless support of a MPLS IP VPN network from Alpheus is the solution for your company. Our world-class fiber optic network is Texas’ largest and most reliable source for […]

MPLS Dallas

MPLS VPN Solutions for Dallas Businesses from Alpheus In Dallas’ highly competitive business environment, having a reliable virtual private network (VPN) that supports your mission-critical applications with multiple networking protocols is essential.  With Alpheus’ MPLS IPVPN solutios, you can meet or exceed your company’s requirements by cost-effectively combining your voice, video, and data applications onto […]

Dallas Metro Fiber

Metro Fiber Network Solutions in Dallas from Alpheus Does your company have multiple offices that you need to connect seamlessly?  Utilize Alpheus’ Metro fiber network and regional fiber transport to connect your offices quickly and with ease. Alpheus Communications’ metro fiber network is designed to transport large amounts of data between multiple company locations in […]

Metro Transport Dallas

Metro Transport Solutions from Alpheus in Dallas Alpheus’ Metro Transport and Ethernet services are end-to-end networking solutions carried over our core fiber optic infrastructure. Our Ethernet network provides you with scalable network services and flexible bandwidth options from 1.5 Mmbps to GigE speeds to help you support the applications needed for your company: including voice, […]

Metro Ethernet Solutions Dallas

Metro Ethernet Solutions from Alpheus in Dallas Simplify and expand your network with Alpheus Metro Ethernet solutions. Alpheus provides simple, cost-effective ways to connect your company’s various locations and allow mission-critical applications ofdata, voice, and video to flow seamlessly over your wide area network with the reliability and performance your company requires. With one of […]

Metro Ethernet Service Provider Dallas

Metro Ethernet Services from Alpheus in Dallas Alpheus’ Metro Ethernet service allows you to cost-effectively connect multiple company locations together by linking your internal LAN networks with our reliable high speed fiber optic network. With Alpheus’ metro Ethernet services you can securely extend the reach of your company’s network without the high cost and complexity […]

Ethernet Service Provider Dallas

Robust Ethernet Service from Alpheus in Dallas Alpheus provides carrie-grade Ethernet services to businesses in Dallas Texas. Our high speed fiber network provides Dallas businesses with market-leading bandwidth services at competitive rates. Alpheus’ Ethernet services are ideal for the increasingly bandwidth-intensive applications run by businesses of all sizes. Today’s business owners demand performance and value […]

Ethernet Private Line Solutions Dallas

Ethernet Private Line Solutions from Alpheus in Dallas A point-to-point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) solution from Alpheus Communications offers a committed bandwidth connection. It also offers you the flexibility of management control, allowing you to configure the circuit to carry voice, data or video traffic, depending on your company’s needs. An Ethernet private line solution […]