Francisco Maella

Managed/Unmanaged Optical Wave Services vs Dark Fiber : Choosing What’s Right for You

For customers looking for ultra-high bandwidth transport, several fiber options are available: 1)      Buy a wave or multiple waves from fiber network service providers, like Alpheus.  Waves can come as a managed service or unmanaged. 2)      Buy a dark fiber strand and deploy your own optical network equipment Let’s explore the differences between the two […]

The Benefits of Fiber Networks vs. Legacy Networks

For those considering whether to update their older networks and adopt fiber network technology, I thought it would be helpful to explain the differences between the two and what makes fiber the more sensible option in today’s business operating environment. Here are the three major benefits fiber-optic networks have over legacy copper-based networks: Capacity: Whereas […]

Fiber Networks: The Economics of Access

As any network manager or CTO can corroborate, building your own fiber optic network from the ground up is not for the faint of heart. While fiber optic networks provide the best conduit for high-bandwidth data transmission, building a fiber optic network isn’t cheap—and it’s certainly no cheaper than building a legacy copper network.  The […]

The Evolution of Fiber Optic Networking

Since the inception of their modern incarnation in the 1970s, fiber optic communications systems have revolutionized the way companies share and access information. Fiber optic networks transmit data as light across strands, enabling information to be sent quickly across long distances. Because of this, fiber optic networks are replacing the copper cables and microwave network […]

Fiber Optic Networks

Every blog has to start somewhere, and what better topic to tackle than one that is at the core of Alpheus Communications – fiber networking.  I’m often asked by customers about the performance and selection of network technologies, copper vs cable vs fiber.  The answer is always – it depends on the application, usage and […]