Alpheus Recognized as a Leading Company in Houston

Alpheus Communications was recognized by the Houston Chronicle today as one of the leading companies in Houston. We made the “Chron 100” list of largest private companies. We are so very pleased to be mentioned because our team of 120+ professionals has been serving telecomm carriers and businesses for over 12 years with the highest-quality telecommunications services, best-in-industry installation times, and personalized support.

Our company was founded in 2001 through a joint venture between El Paso Corporation and Genesis Park, a private equity firm in Houston. Alpheus was acquired by The Gores Group in 2011. Today, Alpheus Communications is one of the largest fiber-optic network owner/operators in Texas. In additional Alpheus owns and operates six data centers in Texas where it sells colocation services to enterprise customers.

Our company’s growth has been fuel by the robust Texas economy as our fiber-optic network and data centers have expanded over the years to cover the state of Texas and beyond. From day one, our mission is and continues to be to provide the highest-quality telecommunications services through superior facilities and extraordinary customer care. I, along with all of our employees want to give a “shout-out” to our customers who help us grow to be one of the largest in Houston and someday soon, beyond.

Scott Widham, CEO, Alpheus Communications