Kicking Off Our Blog, and Why You Should Read It

Let’s face it. Sometimes decoding the alphabet soup of networking products and technologies can get confusing. Even more difficult is deciding how these tools might be combined to create the optimal networking solution for your business. For companies that depend on the fast flow of data (and isn’t that everyone these days?), there’s a lot at stake. The right choices can enhance your network performance and thereby boost your business productivity; the wrong “solution” can keep your company from realizing its potential and result in wasted time and money.

At Alpheus, it’s our job to make these decisions easier for our customers. And we’re proud to have a team of smart, experienced people who know this stuff inside and out. They spend their days helping businesses route data traffic more efficiently, achieve greater speed and reliability, and control their costs in the process. Quite frankly, they’re really good at what they do. And that’s why we’re launching this blog – to give our networking and industry experts a platform to share their knowledge, so you, our reader, can make more informed and strategic decisions about your network.

In this forum, we’ll dive below the surface to take a deeper look at the technologies, trends and innovative customer solutions in the networking world that can make a real difference in your company’s success, whether or not you buy from Alpheus.

One recurring theme you’ll see here is that an efficient network is never one-size-fits-all. The optimal configuration for your business should always be customized based on the size of the company, where you have offices, how your employees use the network, and many other factors. And, of course, a network should be able to grow and evolve as your business needs require. We’ll explore many of these ideas in our blog, helping you understand why one solution might work better than another.

That’s not to say we’re the only voice in this discussion. A good blog doesn’t just share information, it gets a conversation started. We know our customers and other industry professionals have valuable experience to share, so we want to hear from you! Ultimately, we hope these short articles can serve as catalysts – each one a small contribution to the greater good of the networking (and overall business) community. We hope you’ll be a part of the conversation.

Jennifer Mao – VP of Marketing – Alpheus Communications