Metro Ethernet

Click here for Alpheus Metro Ethernet Building List. (128,000 addresses, xlsx, 8.2MB)

Provides another option for transport that is less expensive and faster than legacy network protocols.

Alpheus offers Metro Ethernet solutions to address a wide range of Layer 2 networking needs, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and any-to-any WAN connectivity.

The Alpheus Advantage

Ethernet is rapidly becoming the transport architecture of choice because it is a superior platform for the convergence of internet, data, voice, and video. Ethernet is also ideal for backhaul of mobile voice, data, and multimedia traffic. Alpheus deployed a core MPLS network that is redundant and carrier-grade, and developed a “last-mile” tool kit that utilizes Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over NxT1 and NxDS3, and Ethernet over wireless technologies.

Alpheus’ Ethernet product has the power to span metropolitan and regional footprints with highly scalable solutions, removing the bottleneck between the LAN and the WAN and comes with superior customer support and a 24x7x365 world-class Network Operations Center (NOC).

Benefits of Alpheus Ethernet

  • Redundant MPLS routing over a self-healing DWDM fiber backbone
  • Improved scalability from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps for improved efficiencies
  • Higher security control than public internet solutions
  • Flexible interfaces including 10/100Mbps FastE, 1000 Mbps GigE and 10 Gbps Ethernet
  • Operations, administration, management and provisioning efficiencies
  • Native Ethernet solutions for uncomplicated IP support and trouble-free network convergence
  • Custom network configurations