Carrier Dark Fiber Infrastructure in Texas

Alpheus Leads in Providing Carrier Dark Fiber Infrastructure for Texas

Alpheus has a significant fiber footprint in Texas.  We are one of the largest fiber-optic network owner/operators in Texas. Our company was founded in 2001 through a joint venture between El Paso Corporation and a private equity firm in Houston.  Whether you’re looking for dark fiber availability to connect multiple cities or within a metro market in Texas, Alpheus is the go-to carrier.

For more than a decade, Alpheus has been providing wholesale services to our nation’s largest telecommunications carriers.  And we’re known in the industry as the Texas fiber specialist for carriers and here’s why…

1)       Our fiber-optic network and data centers are designed to serve Texas business.  Our network covers Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and the Rio Grande Valley (Corpus Christi, Laredo, McAllen and Harlingen).  In each metro market, we have extensive fiber networks and broad reach.  We also have six data centers throughout Texas that support mission-critical applications and cloud-based solutions.  Carriers look to Alpheus to reach their Texas customers.

2)       We do an exceptional job at taking care of our carrier partners and we’re known for being more nimble, agile and responsive than our larger competitors.  We give our carrier customers personalized service that are not often found in this age of multi-layer IVRs and outsourced support.  When our carrier customers call Alpheus, they speak to an Alpheus employee, an expert in our industry, located in Houston Texas.  Each carrier partner has a specific Customer Account Manager that they know by name. Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center is staffed by level 2 technicians so we can help customers as quickly and directly as possible.

As an industry-leading company, we deliver reliable connectivity solutions that give customers the tools they need to provide their clients with the best services possible.

Our company controls thousands of miles of fiber across Texas and offers IRU arrangements for dark fiber. With a strong presence all major Texas metro areas, Alpheus is uniquely positioned to help solve your businesses’ fiber-based needs.

To learn more about why Alpheus is the right choice when it comes to providing your company with fiber optic connectivity, call us at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387) or click here.