Ethernet over Copper (EoC)Texas

The Growing Presence of Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet over Copper has definitely become a vital part of our everyday vernacular, as the newest type of data packet transmission technology is filling a huge gap between traditional telecom circuits (T1/DS3) and fiber-based products. While Ethernet over Copper uses the same copper wires, known as Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS), to transmit data from the customer’s location to their Internet or network service provider, the difference is that Ethernet over Copper service is capable to transmitting higher data speeds, many times faster than traditional copper based solutions such as DSL.

This type of technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous because of the benefits it affords, namely its ability to easily connect multiple locations at a lower cost per Mbps.  . The technology leverages high-speed connectivity to offer affordable, high-quality service.

Ethernet over Copper Texas Needs

Those searching for an Ethernet Over Copper provider in Texas have found it with Alpheus Communications, a regional CELC with the broadest network reach, especially in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston (DASH) area. Most recently, Alpheus extended its EoC services to South Texas, covering  Rio Grande Valley – Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen, and Loredo. Customers in this area can now get access to the same fiber-based and Ethernet over Copper solutions in the DASH markets, including Ethernet, private-line services, and dedicated Internet access.

Alpheus Communications is committed to addressing the need for Ethernet over Copper service in Texas, as evidenced by the fact that the company already makes Ethernet over Copper available in 123 central offices and over 94,000 locations are within the EoC-qualified distance.  The company has plans to extend that reach into more offices in the South Texas region.

With such an increasing demand for Ethernet over Copper in Texas, Alpheus plans to bring the technology to other markets in Texas it does not reach yet, including Beaumont, Victoria, Bryant College Station, and Waco. Alpheus offers a core MPLS network that is redundant and carrier-grade, and boasts a “last-mile” tool kit that utilizes Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over NxT1 and NxDS3, and Ethernet over wireless technologies. Alpheus stands ready to answer needs for Ethernet over Copper service in Texas. To learn more the benefits of Alpheus Ethernet—including our gold-standard security and flexible interfaces—call our representative at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387), or click here to complete our sales inquiry form.