Metro Wavelength Services in Texas

An Attractive Alternative

If you’re a telecom carrier, chances are your customers are searching for a high-speed, private network that supports dedicated transport options and is capable of moving huge volumes of data quickly and within a metro market and over long distances. In addition, your customers are grappling with how to design a bullet-proof network with the scalability to meet the hungry demands of cloud-based applications.  As building a fiber network is out-of reach for most businesses, taking advantage of metro wavelength services can give your customers the solution that is capable to meet bandwidth demands for the foreseeable future.

Metro wavelength services are a great alternative to bonding multiple TDM circuits, as they give customers optical network connectivity services in single or multiple wavelengths for point-to-point or multipoint configurations, making it easy for carriers to meet business customers’ needs and customers to enjoy affordable high-bandwidths. By turning to metro wavelength services, businesses can enjoy extremely high, dedicated optical bandwidth in a simpler and budget-friendly configuration with bandwidth levels from 1 to 10 Gbps and beyond.

Alpheus for Your Metro Wavelength Services in Texas

Whether you are looking to run data applications, voice applications or both, Alpheus Communications offers managed waves giving you the ability to run multiple applications in their native protocols. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about what your bandwidth needs will be a few years down the line as our managed waves scale with you, allowing you to focus on critical business objectives and us to focus on your complex network management tasks.

Whether you are looking to establish a high-bandwidth fiber connection between distant locations or find a more affordable solution to lighting and managing dark fiber, Alpheus has you covered. We can help you load share between two point-to-point connection, interconnect with other services such as E-Line, MPLS and Dedicated Internet Access and manage various applications over a single fiber wavelength with no need to replace equipment when your needs change.

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