Texas Telecom Long-Haul Services

Going the Distance

With global mobile data expected to grow by 10 times between now and 2016 and with the FCC projecting that the US wireless carriers will face a 275MHz “spectrum deficit” by 2014 if no new spectrum is opened up, there is no disputing the fact that today’s carriers are in great need of additional bandwidth.

Today, more so than ever before, carriers need end-to-end connectivity and are searching for telecom long-haul services, or circuits that span large distances, to meet their ever-changing bandwidth and consumption needs. Carriers need to be prepared and equipped with the technology to build out nationwide LTE mobile data networks and to support critical applications such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and eventually move to LTE-Advanced.

Alpheus for your Texas Telecom Long-Haul Services

Through our relationships with our carrier partners, Alpheus Communications is uniquely positioned to help any company looking for Texas telecom long-haul services. Understanding that oftentimes a company’s data transport needs extend past your metro area, Alpheus offers a fully-owned fiber optic network. For those companies in Texas, Alpehus can cover every major Texas market including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. And for those looking to branch out of the Lone Star State, the company—through its carrier partners—provides Texas telecom long-haul services to virtually anywhere.

By leveraging Alpheus for your long-haul transport services, you can enjoy superior reach as Alpheus provides inter-connectivity with more than 300 central offices and carrier POPs, and can connect to more than 88,00 Metro-E qualified buildings. Moreover, Alpheus boasts flexibility, with point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations; reliability thanks its fully redundant core network architecture; and scalability, with bandwidth speeds ranging from DS-1 to OC-192.

Choose Alpheus for reliable, superior telecom long-haul services. To request a service quote or learn more about how Alpheus can fulfill your business Internet service needs, call our representative at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387), or click here to complete our sales inquiry form.