Texas Wholesale Fiber Network Provider

These days, end-users need high bandwidth Internet services in order to handle the amounts of data they need to operate their business. And carriers who understand this realize there is only one medium out there that can meet this high demand: fiber optic networks. Simply put, if carriers want to offer the speed of connectivity that their customers desire, there are no other options but fiber.

Alpheus Offers Premiere Carrier Wholesale Fiber Network Services

Based in Texas, Alpheus Communications has been rapidly growing as of late because of its unique value proposition that speaks to carriers’ needs. And why are they choosing Alpheus? Because the company offers fast installation, flexible service options and customer support that is second to none. Alpheus has established itself as a leader in carrier bandwidth infrastructure services since it was founded in 2000.

Carrier partners take advantage of Alpheus’ fiber network across various service offerings based on their needs.  From wavelengths to Ethernet services, Alpheus fiber facilities are built to deliver extraordinary performance.  Thousands of miles of fiber are already in the ground and ready serve our carrier partners. While carriers are riding our fiber, Alpheus will maintain the highest level of performance and our team of dedicated professionals is working around the clock to make sure your networks up and delivering the highest quality services.

Carriers interested in providing their customers with the high bandwidth they desire should consider a partnership with Alpheus. To learn about why we’re the perfect company to partner with, call us at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387) or click here.