Telecom Wholesale Carrier Texas

The Importance of a Trusty Telecom Carrier The search for a dependable telecom wholesale carrier can be a complex one. Not only should your carrier be able to obtain traffic to make up a shortfall or navigate traffic on other routes by trading with other carriers in the wholesale market, but it also needs to […]

Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access in Texas

The Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access There is no disputing the benefits of a Dedicated Internet Access — greater bandwidth, faster speeds, enhanced reliability and, perhaps most importantly, a private route straight to the Internet.  And with companies increasingly becoming frustrated with downtime and slow speeds of shared access, Dedicated Internet Access has become the […]

2.5 Gbps Bandwidth Services

The Search for Faster Bandwidth The quest for faster, higher bandwidth service is never over, especially as the demand for faster network speeds across a variety of platforms—from web page load times to live streaming to online gaming—continues to burgeon. The unprecedented bandwidth growth from enterprises and consumer broadband services coupled with the need for […]

Texas Wholesale Fiber Network Provider

These days, end-users need high bandwidth Internet services in order to handle the amounts of data they need to operate their business. And carriers who understand this realize there is only one medium out there that can meet this high demand: fiber optic networks. Simply put, if carriers want to offer the speed of connectivity […]

Carrier Fiber Network Services

Carrier Fiber Network Services Customers need access to the highest speeds of connectivity available, and fiber optic networks provide precisely that. With the surging demand for IP transport, carriers are looking for increasingly higher bandwidth and network connectivity for all types of business and wholesale customers.  Enterprise deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions […]

Carrier Dark Fiber Services in Texas

The Search for Dark Fiber Services in Texas With fiber services quickly replacing traditional, legacy copper circuits—particularly as network planners and engineers express heightened demand for capacity, reliability and flexibility when it comes to their networking—it comes as no surprise that telecom carriers are in search of dark fiber services on strategic routes. In fact, […]

Wholesale Private Line Services in Texas

The Demand for Private Line Services The demand for high-quality, dependable private line services, or services that provide dedicated transport between two locations, is still growing, even with the migration of data transport to Ethernet services. In fact, industry analysts contend that although the private line market has entered a mature phase, this market is […]

1 Gbps Bandwidth Services in Texas

IP Traffic Surge Fuels Bandwidth Needs for 1 G Service in Texas Technology might be evolving every day, but one trend showing no signs of changing any time soon is the heightened demand for faster, higher bandwidth service. Well, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, that number is multiplying by the day in large part […]

IP Transport Services in Texas

The Demand for IP Transport Services in Texas IP Transport services growth continues to be spurred by consumer’s insatiable appetite for data and entertainment services, mobile or otherwise; businesses are racing to deliver services via cloud-based applications.   Software as a Service (SaaS) continues to gain market acceptance from small businesses to large enterprises.    All this […]

Carrier Dark Fiber Infrastructure in Texas

Alpheus Leads in Providing Carrier Dark Fiber Infrastructure for Texas Alpheus has a significant fiber footprint in Texas.  We are one of the largest fiber-optic network owner/operators in Texas. Our company was founded in 2001 through a joint venture between El Paso Corporation and a private equity firm in Houston.  Whether you’re looking for dark […]