Carrier Ethernet Services

The Boom of Carrier Ethernet Services The wholesale carrier Ethernet market is exceeding industry analysts’ expectations as pundits contend that this market will grow steadily over the next five years, reaching about $39 billion in 2017. That is because carrier Ethernet services have become an intrinsic, permanent part of service provider networks—fueling the investment in […]

Texas Wholesale Ethernet Services

The Boom of Wholesale Ethernet Services With bandwidth demands continuing to increase exponentially and the growing popularity if mobile video and the emergence of the cloud, we are seeing a huge uptick in the wholesale Ethernet market, which is expected to greatly outpace the retail sector in the coming years. In fact, the U.S. wholesale […]

Carrier POPs in Texas

The Carrier Market Transformation There is no disputing the fact that the telecom carrier market is undergoing a massive evolution—from the shift of TDM technology to Ethernet to the rapid growth of IP-based networking, to name a few. In addition, much buzz has circulated with regards to telecom carriers supporting the networking demand of backhauling […]

Texas Data Center Colocation

The Truth About Downtime Your data is the lifeline to your enterprise and without that pertinent information, you are at grave risk of losing critical business. The thing about downtime, though, is it comes without warning—oftentimes disguised as a hurricane, hardware failure and human error. And the statistics surrounding downtime are alarming. Specifically, 73 percent […]

Texas Metro Ethernet Service Provider

Seeking Metropolitan Coverage Today’s business environment is anything but calm as corporations must contend with increased bandwidth demands, limited budgets, reduced IT staffs and increased market expansion—all while trying to bolster productivity and reduce OPEX/CAPEX spending. Accordingly, carriers must stand ready to address these growing demands by providing competitive Metro Ethernet service. Metro Ethernet, a […]

Texas Telecom Long-Haul Services

Going the Distance With global mobile data expected to grow by 10 times between now and 2016 and with the FCC projecting that the US wireless carriers will face a 275MHz “spectrum deficit” by 2014 if no new spectrum is opened up, there is no disputing the fact that today’s carriers are in great need […]

Texas T1 Provider

The Quest for a Best-in-Class Texas T1 Provider Simply put, consumer-based service performance, the kind afforded by traditional cable and DSL connections, does not cut it anymore—no matter the size of your business. That is because your consumers demand and expect the best when it comes to Internet connection and speed. As a result, even […]

Texas DS3 Provider

Finding a Texas DS3 Provider With the rise of the BYOD movement, the big data boom and the increased consumer demand for a faster, more affordable communications delivery system, the need for larger bandwidth is increasing at an exponentially fast rate. And that trend will not be waning any time soon. Conversely, the advent of […]

Dark Fiber in Texas

Best Dark Fiber Provider for Texas Business The benefits of constructing a fiber optic network do not go unnoticed by many network managers or planners. That’s because these networks serve as the best connectivity medium for high-bandwidth data transmission and enable capacity that is exponentially higher and has essentially no physical limitations. Simply put, fiber […]

Data Centers in Texas

Alpheus Offers Gold-Standard Data Center Services There is no disputing the fact that Texas has become a bustling spot for data center activity. After all, many refer to Austin, Texas, as the Silicon Valley of the Lone Star State due to its technological innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. And thanks to the fact that the state […]