Terms and Conditions

MSA-Alpheus Data Services Definitions and General Terms Product Supplement – Colocation Product Supplement – DIA Product Supplement – Remote Hands Product Supplement – Transport Security Policies and Procedures for Colocation Miscellaneous Price Schedule Product Supplement – Ethernet Product Supplement – E-LAN Product Supplement – Dark Fiber Product Supplement – Voice Product Supplement – MPLS Primary […]

Copyright Notice

Policy Regarding Copyright Infringement and Designation of a Copyright Agent Alpheus Communications, LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Alpheus”) has adopted and implemented the following policy regarding copyright infringement. This policy provides information about Alpheus’ designated agent for receipt of copyright infringement claims pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA), 17 USC § 512, […]


Acceptable Use Policy Introduction This acceptable use policy (the “Policy”) defines acceptable practices for the use of services (the “Service”) from Alpheus Communications, LLC, Alpheus Data Services, L.L.C., and/or their affiliates (including direct and indirect subsidiaries and parents) (collectively, “Alpheus”). By using the Service, you acknowledge that you and users that have gained access to […]


Alpheus Communications, LLC Customer Proprietary Network Information Notice This information regarding CUSTOMER PROPRIETARY NETWORK INFORMATION, or CPNI, is provided in accordance with Federal regulations that require telecommunications carriers to provide notice concerning a carrier’s use of CPNI.   CPNI is the information that Alpheus gathers about its customer 1) that relates to the quantity, technical […]

Net Neutrality Disclosure

Alpheus Communications, LLC and Alpheus Data Services, L.L.C. Alpheus does not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices.  Alpheus does not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic consistent with normal management practices and the Federal Communications Commission Report and Order adopted December 21, 2010, “Preserving The Free and Open Internet” ( Order) . […]