Houston Private Line Network

Alpheus provides Houston with Private Line Network Service

With Alpheus Private Line / E-Line service, you can quickly and seamlessly connect your multiple office locations with ease.  

If your business applications and cloud-based solutions are operating over the public Internet, your information could be at risk and your network performance can less than optimal.  Alpheus is now offering your business an effective alternative with our private E-Line service.  Our E-Line service provides your business with a simple and cost-effective way to manipulate high-bandwidth connections between multiple locations within the same city or by leveraging our regional fiber-optic network for inter-city connection.  Our expansive coverage to key Central Offices and carrier POPs lets you connect to virtually any location with ease.

Whether this is a new connection or you are upgrading an existing circuit, E-Line services offers quality service with bandwidth efficiency and security.  Our private line services give your business the ability to establish Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) between two locations (point-to-point) or multiple locations (point-to-multipoint) in a single metro area.

Houston’s Top Tier Private Line Network

Our metro private line solutions are easy to set up and allow for the headache-free addition of new sites.  Whether choosing to utilize Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, our upgradable bandwidth options between 3 Mbps and 1 Gbps allows you to utilize bandwidth when your need it most.

With multiple options for access connectivity and data protection, Alpheus helps your business create scalable network and data strategies that meet your requirements and will grow with you for the future.   Let Alpheus be your Texas Private Line Service provider  To request a service quote or learn more about how Alpheus can fulfill your business Internet service needs, call our representative at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387), or or click here to complete our sales inquiry form.