T1 Houston

Alpheus provides T1 Service in Houston

Alpheus Communication’s private fiber network offers your enterprise networking solutions with scalable interfaces including from T1 speed up to 10 G

Alpheus Communications is Texas’ Largest provider of high bandwidth transport.  We offer businesses Internet access, voice, and data center services over our privately owned and operated fiber-optic network located in Houston.  Our network is designed to support mission-critical information technology functions and cloud computing solutions.

Alpheus Communications’ offers a variety of personalized options for network and carrier solutions with variable bandwidth speeds.   Our solutions include:  Metro Ethernet, MPLS, E-Line, E-LAN, regional long haul, DIA, and VoIP starting with T1 bandwidth, scalable to GigE speeds.  Our T1 connection is perfect for small / medium size businesses looking for enterprise-grade services, not consumer-based service performance from cable and DSL connections.      Our T1 service is a full-duplex circuit, transmitting and receiving 1.544 mbs concurrently.   Our T1 dedicated Internet access service delivers highest-quality performance with our fiber core network guarantee of 99.999% uptime.

T1 Bandwidth for Houston provided by Alpheus

When choosing a network for your mission-critical data, it is important to utilize a service that provides bandwidth scalability options in order for your network to grow with your business.  We have interface options scaling from T1 through OC-192 with the availability to add or subtract bandwidth as your business fluctuates.

Let Alpheus provide your enterprise with a Texas trusted network.  To request a service quote or learn more about how Alpheus can fulfill your business internet service needs, call our representative at 1-877-ALPHEUS (1-877-257-4387), or or click here to complete our sales inquiry form.