Point to Point Ethernet Private Line Solutions in Texas

If your business is in need of a private line for dedicated connectivity, whether to send confidential and sensitive data between two locations or simply connect two locations with dedicated bandwidth, Alpheus’s private line network service is a great choice for businesses.

Alpheus’s point to point Ethernet private line service provides the high speed and dedicated connection your company needs for fast, secure, and safe data transport.

Point to Point Private Line Benefits:

  • Secure collaboration – Fast and secure communication between multiple company locations. Keeping private information private.
  • High Speed Data Transmission – Transmit banking transactions merchant service information, healthcare records, business or government tax records or any other company critical data quickly and securely.
  • Video Transmission – Use your private line connection for high-resolution video and conferencing transmission.
  • Comply with Government Regulations – Ensure your company’s compliance with privacy regulations for securely transmitting financial, personnel, and medical data, records and imagery.
  • With Alpheus’s point to point private line service your company will get a fast and reliable dedicated and secure network path that is always on and can be easily configured to carry voice, data, and video between multiple points or business locations.
  • Should a problem arise, Alpheus offers 24X7 technical support. Our Texas-based network support staff is always here to assist and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

To request a service quote or learn more about how Alpheus can fulfill your business point to point private line service needs, call our representative at 1-877-600-2996, or click here to complete our sales inquiry form.