Alpheus Announces Expansion of Metro Wireless Transport Capabilities

April 26, 2007 (Houston, Texas) – Alpheus Communications, operator of an extensive fiber optic network across Metro Texas, announced today the expansion of its wireless transport capabilities to Houston and Austin.

Alpheus currently operates nine high bandwidth wireless hubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex providing point to point broadband wireless services.  These facilities can utilize either licensed or unlicensed wireless spectrum to offer Alpheus customers fast, reliable and scalable broadband wireless services as either primary or redundant links.

The company currently has, and is in the process of negotiating additional, roof rights to support this expansion in all other markets – Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi – as well.

“Service providers, businesses, and the public sector now have a viable broadband wireless alternative to meet their mission-critical, high bandwidth communications requirements,” said Francisco Maella, Chief Operating Officer of Alpheus. “With the addition of these wireless capabilities to our last-mile tool kit,” Maella continued, “Alpheus can offer a full range of options for customers that require higher speed broadband access.”

Market forces are placing new demands on organizations to provide high capacity, next generation services more cost-effectively over their networks.  These demands include supporting emerging mobility applications and content, improved up-time for applications additional options for backup and disaster recovery, as well as finding new local broadband access alternatives to incumbent telephone companies.

Maella concluded, “Wireless is a great option because last-mile copper connections do not scale to meet high bandwidth demands and fiber can often be costly and time-consuming to deploy.”

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About Alpheus Communications

Alpheus provides DS1 through OC192 connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet and managed waves across a competitive, carrier-grade, deep metro Texas fiber network, with facilities in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin & Corpus Christi. We offer colocation, data center and DIA services with cross connection to most wireless providers, AT&T and major Competitive Access Providers.