HOUSTON, TEXAS, October 3, 2007— Alpheus Communications, operator of datacenters and an extensive fiber optic network across Metro Texas, announced today that it has begun selling new product solutions utilizing carrier-class Ethernet technologies. These solutions will allow Alpheus customers to bypass more expensive and slower legacy network protocols used for local access.

To help customers lower operating costs, enhance scalability, and develop flexible network options, Alpheus deployed a core Multi Protocol Label Switching (“MPLS”) network that is redundant and carrier grade. To compliment this network, Alpheus developed a last-mile Ethernet tool kit that utilizes Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over NxT1 and Ethernet over wireless technologies. Alpheus worked with leading vendors to develop these products, specifically, Foundry Networks for the MPLS core, Ceterus Networks for NxT1, Hatteras Networks for Ethernet over Copper, and DragonWave for Ethernet over wireless.

“We utilize the inherent speed and versatility of Ethernet to meet the needs of our enterprise and carrier customers alike,” said Francisco Maella, Chief Operating Officer of Alpheus. Ethernet addresses a wide range of Layer 2 networking needs, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and any-to-any Wide Are Network (“WAN”) connectivity.

Today’s IT managers are turning to Ethernet as a platform for the convergence of Internet, data, voice and video. Ethernet is also being widely adopted as the transport architecture of choice. Maella continued, “Ethernet has the power to span metropolitan and regional footprints with highly scalable solutions, removing the longstanding bottleneck between the local area network and the wide area network.”

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About Alpheus Communications
Alpheus provides DS1 through OC192 connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet and managed waves across a competitive, carrier-grade, deep metro Texas fiber network, with facilities in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin & Corpus Christi. We offer colocation, data center and DIA services with cross connection to most wireless providers, AT&T and major Competitive Access Providers.