Alpheus Publishes Addressable Building Database to Enhance Automated Ordering Capabilities

Houston, Texas (October 12, 2009)

HOUSTON: Today Alpheus announced that it has enhanced its automated ordering system by adding an online database of over 27,000 buildings representing the core of its Texas Metro network footprint. And, for a limited period of time, Alpheus will offer aggressive pricing on DS1, DS3, and OC-N circuits to customers who use the new web-based functionality. “Alpheus has always been easy to order, fast to provision, world-class in network reliability and fault management. Now that the back office is fully automated, the next step is to empower our customers on the front end of the order process. For the first time, Alpheus is publishing its internal addressable database of 27,000 commercial buildings and will reward users of this new capability with promotional pricing through the end of year,” said Kent Major, President of Alpheus Communications.

“The breadth and depth of our Texas network penetration allows us to offer superior access quality and value to the carrier and enterprise market. While we provide network services to many locations that are not in this database, we wanted to provide our customers with a database that represents our core market coverage,” added Major.

Service providers should contact their Alpheus sales representative for details, or contact Alpheus Vice President of Sales, Chip Robertson at 713-336-6500.

About Alpheus Communications

Alpheus is a provider of telecommunications services and owns the leading competitive fiber backbone for Metro Texas. As an optical network provider for backhaul, transport and dark fiber. Alpheus is flexible, content neutral and responsive to customer needs. It delivers metro transport to end-user buildings, cell sites, carrier hotels, microwave relay points, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Alpheus is a joint venture between Genesis Park, LP, a Houston-based private equity firm and El Paso Corporation, a Fortune 500 energy company.