Metrolocity Achieves Critical Mass

August 11, 2006 (Houston, Texas) – In 2005, Alpheus developed Metrolocity, a peering product that provides a robust, secure, and efficient way for carriers to exchange voice, data or video in a cost-effective way. Metrolocity is essentially a virtual meet-me-room with flexible, automated cross-connections.

Metrolocity, has grown quickly since its introduction. “Now we have 22 participating carriers — and that number is growing all the time,” said Kent Major, President of Alpheus.

The greater number of participants means that the usefulness and flexibility of Metrolocity is growing exponentially and providing more opportunities for Alpheus customers to connect to other carriers. Because Metrolocity members use their existing interconnections into the Alpheus network, cross-connects are provisioned quickly and at a very low cost.

“When carriers join Metrolocity, they are eliminating the need to rely on LEC facilities to move data between two carriers,” Major continued. “Further, it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional collocation hotels, as it requires neither the capex nor the ongoing cost of maintaining a presence in a facility.”

About Metrolocity

Metrolocity peering allows carriers to easily exchange traffic with other carriers while saving time and money by:

  • Utilizing their current Alpheus HUB circuits
  • Avoiding the cost of building facilities to other carriers
  • Reducing the cost of co-location or high-priced monthly cross-connect fees
  • Using an order process that is simple, automated and familiar

Metrolocity, introduced as a new Alpheus product in 2005, provides direct connection with a diverse group of established and emerging competitive communications service providers and network-intensive enterprises at bandwidth speeds from DS-1 to OC-12. While all Alpheus customers are eligible to participate, all Metrolocity peerings are made by mutual agreement.

To learn more about Metrolocity or how Alpheus fulfills bandwidth needs, call 1-877-ALPHEUS or 1-877-257-4387, or visit us on the Web at

About Alpheus Communications L.P.

Alpheus operates an extensive, competitive, deep metro fiber network in Texas, with facilities in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Across that network, Alpheus provides DS-1 through OC-192 connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet and Managed Waves. Alpheus also provides co-location services inside carrier-grade facilities, with cross connection to most wireless providers, SBC, and major Competitive Access Providers.