Plentiful Bandwith Behind Texas Population Growth?

April 1, 2008 (Houston, Texas) – Alpheus Communications, operator of datacenters and an extensive fiber optic network across Metro Texas, announced today the discovery of a possible linkage between bandwidth supply and the explosive population growth in Texas. Last week, the US Census bureau announced that four Texas metropolitan areas were in the top ten population growth areas in the country.

The question of what is driving this rapid growth has stimulated spirited debate all over the state – is it the low cost of housing, the price of oil, or strategically located data networks? Dr. I. Serfalotte, holder of the Aprille Follie, Jr. Chair in Gigabit Econometric Studies, has released a scholarly paper concluding that high fiber content is a nourishing diet for economic development. “Fiber optic pipelines carry the Texas tea of the knowledge economy – information & ideas. Data mining is the zero-emissions industry of Texas’ future, and bandwidth is the shaft that brings the light,” said Dr. Serfalotte at a recent symposium announcing his findings.

“We concur with Dr. Serfalotte’s conclusions that a competitive, state-of-the-art fiber optic network and dedicated Information Technology facilities are critical to economic development,” said Paul Hobby, Chairman and CEO of Alpheus. “It is no wonder that people are moving to Texas in droves to access the speed and versatility of this combination to serve as the platform for the convergence of Internet, data, voice and video.”

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